Fan drives car down stairs while trying to leave football stadium parking lot

Fan drives car down stadium staircase while trying to leave football stadium parking lot
Source: Reproduction/X @rodrigogenta

A Brazilian football fan drove his car down the stairs while trying to leave the football stadium parking lot.

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After the Brazilian football championship match between Cruzeiro and Botafogo, a fan was leaving the stadium and missed the exit, causing the car to descend the stairs.

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The police and firefighters were called to the scene to assist the fan, who was uninjured in the accident.

A local radio station reported that the fan activated the brakes to prevent the car from descending further down the stairs. He also mentioned that he wasn’t accustomed to going to the stadium, which is why he missed the exit.

“I saw an exit sign and thought it was the way to leave. Then, I drove the car down those stairs”, he said.

Source: X @rodrigogenta

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