Video: Major Fire Hits Building Under Construction in Brazil

Major Fire Hits Building in Brazil. Photos and videos: Reproduction Twitter @mspbra, @FGlobais1

A serious fire devastated a building still under construction located in Recife, a state in the northeast of Brazil, on the evening of Thursday (28). The fire, which quickly grew to large proportions, led to the partial collapse of the structure, as revealed in striking images captured on video.

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The Fire Department was promptly called to address the emergency at 20:05, initially dispatching four vehicles to the scene of the incident. The contingent included two units specialized in firefighting, a platform for high operations, and an operational command vehicle, aiming for a quick and effective response to the critical situation.
Despite the severity of the fire and the subsequent collapse of parts of the Botanik building, under construction in the said district, the construction company responsible for the work confirmed that, fortunately, there were no victims.

Local authorities are committed to controlling the flames and assessing the damage caused by the fire. The mobilization’s main goal is to ensure the safety of nearby residents and pedestrians in the area, while experts work to determine the causes of the fire.

Photos and videos: Reproduction Twitter @mspbra / @FGlobais1

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